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The best vets.

The best vets …

Dominic Brodrick - February 2020

Very honest and very friendly service brilliant with our dogs and the rescue dogs we take there highly recommend them very professional from start to finish

Very honest and friendly …

Andrew Bawden - January 2020

Helen and Richard are brilliant, moving to this vets was the best choice I've made and well worth the waiting list time (which considering I have 5 pets wasn't that long a wait!) X

The best choice I’ve made …

Charlotte - January 2020

5 star review on Google My Business.

5 stars …

Jessica Johnston - September 2019

Amazing friendly vets smaller community trusted and lovely.

Amazing friendly vets …

Linda Squire - September 2019

By far the best vets around. I trust them with  the best advice and treatment for all my animals and they are 2 & 4 legged, fur & feathered family to me. I always know that I can trust them for honest veterinary advice with the animals welfare and wellbeing being of prime importance. Thank you.

The best vets around …

Jo VanR - February 2019

Amazing team, great service & they are passionate about taking care of your pet. We are so pleased to have them as our vets, highly recommend !

Amazing team …

Jo Hansford - January 2019

Friendly and helpful, personal service.

Friendly and helpful …

Michelle Cleary - December 2018

A very professional service.

Professional service …

Joe Tuffin - October 2018

I have been with Community Vets since I moved to Portishead two years ago. My Bulldog sadly is fear aggressive, Richard and his team have gone above and beyond with managing Joys fear. The continuity that they offer has been so valuable. Joy now happily visits the vets and trusts all the staff members. 

Being able to attend a small practice with a family feel is exactly what we needed, Community Vets have even stayed late to ensure an on going eye issue was addressed. Me, Joy & George are so grateful for you kindness and compassion that is always shown.

Above and beyond …

Helen Lloyd - October 2018

Brilliant, caring vets. Can't fault them.

Brilliant caring vets …

Lucy Bowker - September 2018

Fantastic vets. Serve our cats exceptionally well. Recommended.

Fantastic vets …

Caroline Lindegaard - September 2018

Barley loves visiting Richard and Helen !!!!

Barley loves visiting …

Kathleen Lumby - August 2018

As always good professional service and care. A small friendly practice.

Good professional service …

Nick Keys - June 2018

A wealth of knowledge and love at a brilliant practice. Richard and Helen have both been great with our little puppy Olive. She’s been in a few times for various reasons and each time they’ve made us feel at ease and explained everything and given us 100% reassurance. Nurses are absolutely brilliant and so friendly on arrival. I trust them all in the care of our precious pup. Can’t recommend enough. Thanks so much!

A wealth of knowledge and love …

Georgia Richards - April 2018

Very friendly, dogs not always happy to arrive! but all staff are very welcoming to pets and humans alike.

Very friendly …

Richard George - January 2018

Community Vets are simply the best thing to have happened in this area. The care, compassion and quality of the nurses and vets are second to none. They literally saved my dogs life with their skill and dedication. A Veterinary practice that puts the animals first. Outstanding!

The best thing to have happened in this area …

Lesley Mollan - September 2017

Helen and Richard have taken excellent care of my pets for many, many years and I completely trust them to make the right decision for my animals. I always feel that I am being given informed and considered options and not just forced into moneymaking procedures. Their nurses are also fantastic, patient and kind. As an "animal professional" I have worked with many vets and they are hands down one of the best I have encountered and I can't recommend them highly enough!

Excellent care of my pets …

Nikki Clark - July 2017

Our beloved cat was hit and killed on the A369 last week. The vet from this practice went out and picked her up and let us know almost instantly. We were given the opportunity to say goodbye to her whilst she was still warm. Very grateful to be given that opportunity, and thankful for the empathy and compassion shown by the staff. Thank you. 

RIP Mullida

Empathy and compassion at a difficult time …

December 2016

I asked for advice about Millie my overactive dog as she is petrified of loud noises ie. fireworks, loud bangs and was told about Nutricalm tablets, I thought I would trial them and after giving Millie the tablet I noticed an immediate calming effect on her espescially on Fireworks night, she didn't tremble or shake as much as she used to. I found the tablets to be very effective and would recommend them to anyone with a hyperactive or scared pet. 

Community vets I thank you very much.

Calming advice …

November 2016

We have known Richard, Helen and their nurses Michelle and Lisa for many years. They are friendly, gentle and run their own well equipped Veterinary Practice on the outskirts of Portishead which includes conventional and Homeopathic treatments. 

Quality of life for our pets is paramount and I trust them implicitly. They have all become an essential and happy part of the family.

Part of the family …

September 2016

In January 2016, Sydney, our 15 1/2 year old Jack Russell Terrier tore his cruciate ligament.  He seemed to do reasonably well with anti-inflammatories, pain meds, essential oils and light exercise although he still favored that leg. 

In March we started cold laser therapy at the suggestion of Dr. Helen. We saw improvement after the first treatment!  At this point he's had 5 treatments and the difference it's made is incredible!  

Sydney's walks are back up near 2 miles with very little lameness afterwards. We even see some improvement in the muscle wasting as he's more confident using that leg. It's so nice to see him run and play again! 

We're so glad Community Vets is offering this therapy!

Laser Therapy

Mr & Mrs Rogers of Portishead - June 2016

We changed to Community Vets because we remembered Richard and had liked him before. Proved to be a good decision. We couldn't fault the care our cat received. We thoroughly recommend Community Vets.

We Changed to Community Vets …

Mark Fielden - September 2015

Very friendly helpful staff, fully equipped surgery, personal service goes the extra mile. Feels like they really care about your pets.

Very Friendly Helpfull Staff

Stuart Elks - June 2016

I have known Richard and Helen and their team of Lisa and Michelle for many years now. I trust their professional ability beyond question. I was so very pleased to discover that they had formed a truly independent Veterinary Practice, Community Vets. 

They are always caring and compassionate and cannot recommend them highly enough - If you too are looking for a special place to provide individual care for you and your pet then look no further than Community Vets and discover for yourself what I and a very select band of other clients already know about Richard and Helen Bragg.

A kind review placed on Google My Business

January 2016

Highly recommended for their understanding, compassion, service and patience with me ! I am an "overboard" dog lover, Richard and Helen gave me their total commitment to providing the best treatment for my wonderful dog George.

Can't forget to mention that their support staff are, too, amazingly understanding and committed to the best for our animals.


A lovely review from Google My Business

February 2016

My family would just like to thank the whole team at Community Vets ...from the bottom of our hearts, we burst through the door completely unannouced yesterday with a very sick and distressed dog, they all dropped everything and she was at peace within minutes, they showed such care and compassion to both her and us during what was an unbelievably stressful time, I'm very glad that she passed surrounded by such lovely people and I can't recommend them enough.

Some more appreciation at a difficult time …

October 2015

Thank you so much Helen & Lisa for holding my hand last Tuesday evening, when the situation took a turn for the worst for my beautiful Alf. 

Thank you for being there for him, and so kindly and respectfully seeing him (and me) through his last moments. I cannot put into words how painful it was to see him go, but felt safe in the knowledge from you that we were doing the right thing. 

Thank you also for the beautiful card and words that you wrote. He is so sorely missed. 

Thank you Helen x

Lovely appreciative comments at a difficult time …

October 2015

I cannot thank you enough for the kind and compassionate way you treated Moose and my family in his last few days. You absolutely went above and beyond the call of duty, for which I am truly grateful. Old-school commonsense at it's finest. 

Thank you.

A lovely comment from the McMillan family

October 2015

I'm not on Facebook so can't give a rave review for people to see but I would like you to be able to show this to customers/potential customers ...

Thank you thank you thank you. The genuine care and concern you have shown Bracken really touched me. I cannot stress enough how much I appreciate everything you have done and are continuing to do for us. And for being very kind towards a dribbling crying mess of an owner!

So glad we have superb vets and vet staff looking after our animals.

Thank you so much.

Genuine Care & Concern

July 2015

Just wanted to say a big thank you for the tick collar.

My big girl Florence really appreciated not having pills or flea treatments. You guys were very understanding about her being a bit anxious about these things. The collar is brilliant and dropped off with 24 hours. Will definitely be sticking with this from now on.

I can't recommend you guys enough, so glad I changed vets.

Big Thank You

July 2015