Our Services

Just because we are small, it doesn’t limit the services we can offer you and your pets - you will find a very small building with some unique features … how many vets do you know with a church pew in the waiting room and an outside toilet?!! If your animal is very big, boisterous or nervous, talk to us about having a home visit!

We like treating dogs, cats, rabbits, guinea pigs, rats, hamsters, tortoises and chickens; we will happily examine other more exotic species and wildlife casualties but are not experts in this field. We will always give you our best advice and can put you in contact with others who can help.

We offer:

CommunityVetsGreenLeavesBullet    Consultations
CommunityVetsGreenLeavesBullet    Home Visits
CommunityVetsGreenLeavesBullet    Collect & Return
CommunityVetsGreenLeavesBullet    Vaccinations
CommunityVetsGreenLeavesBullet    Pet Passports
CommunityVetsGreenLeavesBullet    Microchipping

CommunityVetsGreenLeavesBullet    Laboratory Diagnostics
CommunityVetsGreenLeavesBullet    Digital X-Rays
CommunityVetsGreenLeavesBullet    Ultrasonography
CommunityVetsGreenLeavesBullet    Neutering
CommunityVetsGreenLeavesBullet    Surgical Operations
CommunityVetsGreenLeavesBullet    Dentistry

CommunityVetsGreenLeavesBullet    Homeopathy
CommunityVetsGreenLeavesBullet    Acupuncture
CommunityVetsGreenLeavesBullet    Nutritional Advice
CommunityVetsGreenLeavesBullet    Telephone Advice
CommunityVetsGreenLeavesBullet    Laser Therapy