Class IV Laser Therapy

State of the art class IV laser therapy …

We are very pleased, thanks to the generous legacy from a loyal and much loved client, to be able to offer state of the art class IV laser therapy here at Community Vets. Laser therapy uses a beam of laser light to penetrate deeply into the tissues without causing any damage; the energy from the laser induces a biological response in the cells (known as photo-bio-modulation) which leads to reduced pain, reduced inflammation and increased healing speed.

The treatment is non-invasive; your pet may feel a gentle and soothing warmth, and they generally seem to enjoy the sessions. Most treatments take a matter of a few minutes per problem site and we recommend several repeat procedures over time for the most effective results. You can stay with your pet for the treatment but you will have to wear some special eye protection to protect your eyes from the laser beam.

Laser treatment is often used to treat surgical and non-surgical wounds and skin sores (including lick granulomas) to promote healing; it is also indicated for burns, bites and other skin abrasions. We have had some spectacular results in some of our older arthritic patients – treating specific joint pain and also more non-specific spinal pain or generalised arthritic pain (sometimes in combination with acupuncture or drug therapies).

The applications for this type of therapy are far reaching and we are looking forward to offering this service to more and more of our patients as part of a more holistic approach to health care.